What we think.

At folk, we think that brands are better when they’re more authentic.

Better for business.

Better for employees.

Better for customers.

Better for society.

We’re dedicated to creating, energizing and maintaining more open, authentic brands. Brands that do what they say they’ll do. Brands that keep their promises. Brands that have a purpose.

We help brands identify their purpose and do what they say. Our services include strategy development, innovation acceleration, brand positioning, vision development, brand essence development and the resolution of specific brand, portfolio or business issues.

We specialize in three things: brand strategy, purpose-led transformation and brand experience.

Brand Strategy – We can help to define and articulate your brand DNA.

Purpose-led Transformation – “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. We’ll help to make your brand purpose endemic throughout your business and customer journey.

Brand Experience – We will help to create, activate and monitor customer experience across all brand touchpoints.

 And we do it all with a combination of rigorous process and creative flair.

If you think alike, and even if you think differently, get in touch by emailing keith@folk.ie



What we do.