Every one of us is creative. Every one of us has the ability to solve any problem with our own imagination and creative flair. Of course, sometimes, we all need a little help to access that creativity.

Many of us rely on analytical, left-brain thinking so frequently that we prefer to engage it in almost every situation. Yet our inspired answers, breakthrough ideas and all those transformative “aha” insights flow best when we’re in right-brain mode. That’s why we’re here – to help you access the full, boundless potential and power of your own creativity to solve any problem you encounter in your life and work.




Sometimes we all get stuck. We just don’t seem to be moving forward with the same energy, enthusiasm and velocity as before. The barriers you encounter might be real or perceived. They may be external or internal or they may be obvious or deeply buried. But they are preventing you, your team, brand or organisation from being the exceptional force you know you can be.

FOLK works with leaders, teams, brands and organisations – people like you – to help you get unstuck and prevent you from getting stuck in the first place.

We value clarity, creativity and collaboration in all that we do. We support you to identify key issues and opportunities, formulate creative approaches to unlock growth and development and build the trust necessary for effective collaboration within teams.

Our facilitators host tailor-made workshops that engage individual and collective creativity, clarity and common sense to identify, challenge and address obstacles, embrace change and activate meaningful progress.

Our menu of workshops includes:

Detox Workshop

Identify and question limiting beliefs and practices. Deal with conflict and have that difficult conversation. A Detox Workshop gives you an easier way to address any and all difficult issues which may arise.


Transformation Workshop

Organisations and brands are ever changing. A Transformation Workshop can help you and your team adapt to the changing environment with particular emphasis on competitors, customers and/or technology.


The Work

The Work is a powerful process that helps you to identify, question and work directly with the beliefs and thoughts that keep you stuck, limiting your ability to think creatively and act effectively. Founded by Byron Katie, it’s a clear, actionable method of inquiry.

Energiser Workshop

Is your strategy a bit flat? Is your team feeling overwhelmed or under-inspired? An Energiser could be just the thing you need. Inject clarity, energy, commitment and spirit into your purpose, strategy and team alike.


Brand Workshop

Clarify your brand essence in a lively, supportive, shared session. We’ll focus on exercises that generate a range of useful outputs such as Brand Essence, elevator pitch, purpose statement and product development prompts.


SMT Resets

Want to get your SMT thinking and acting in a new, more agile and appropriate way? This session will help your SMT to develop a comprehensive shared vision, define a mobilising strategy and build trust among your team.




We keep things simple, down-to-earth and jargon-free. Our priority is to create a safe, supportive environment where all participants are free to participate wholeheartedly.

We enjoy a bit of humour. Actually, humour is a lot like creativity – it often relies on two or more things coming together in an unpredictable and delightful way. That’s a pretty good definition of creativity. We use a number of tried-and-tested tools:



Desert Island
Peg out
Line in the Sand
Rock Paper Scissors


Support Change

Risks & Payoffs
Top 10
Ideal world
Secret Millionaire

Unlock Insight

Worst Headlines
Brand Essence Wheel
Postcard from Mars
Tell me Why
Bad Ad



Alphabet strategies
Creative reframing
One thing to the tune of another

Build Trust

Anything I’m not saying?
Spiders web
Appreciative Inquiry
Two lies and a truth



Whose business?
Judge Your Neighbour worksheet
Yellow card
The Gift of Criticism
Honest Communication


Help yourself

It’s good to share. It’s good in life, and it’s good in business. So, if you want a workshop but don’t want our help, please feel free to plunder our toolbox of exercises, prompts and games.

And if you have any questions about any of the tools, just get in touch.

Hyper Island Toolbox    |    SY Partners    |    Unstuck Prompt Cards from SY    |    The Work of Byron Katie




FOLK works with ambitious, progressive business, social and public service leaders who are open to positive change. Over the years, Ursula and Keith have worked with a range of organisations to unleash the potential of their people and purpose.


FOLK is run by a network of people working from a number of locations across Ireland. All central admin is handled from our office in Portmarnock.



FOLK, Almeida, Drumnigh, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, Ireland


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